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OH!Manufacturing is now PolymerOhio Manufacturing Services

We have changed our name, but not our services or our commitment to Central Ohio manufacturers.
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  • Leadership and Mental Intelligence
    Leadership and Mental Intelligence
  • Avoid the Worst Cash Flow Management Advice
    Avoid the Worst Cash Flow Management Advice


PolymerOhio Manufacturing Services helps manufacturers in the Central Ohio region grow and become more profitable by improving how they develop, commercialize, manufacture and distribute innovative products. We provide a mix of free and for-fee services that draw upon the deep industry and functional expertise of PolymerOhio consultants and partners. We connect clients with other cost-effective resources that can help address clients’ growth challenges. And we serve as a valuable industry resource, providing manufacturers with timely information on new technology, manufacturing methods, operational practices and more via newsletters, webinars, seminars and symposia.

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