An Innovative Training Strategy for Manufacturers

category-badge-WORKFORCEThe manufacturing skills gap is getting a lot of press these days, and it’s not hard to understand why. It is a serious concern for manufacturers, regardless of size or industry, who are finding it difficult to attract and hire skilled workers. Although, finding the right manufacturing talent is just one part of a successful workforce strategy. Studies show it is essential for companies to invest in training for both new and incumbent workers to ensure long-term success.

A cost-effective way to develop and integrate training programs into your operations is with coalitions and consortiums. The concept is not new, and has been used successfully for years in the purchasing world to allow individual companies to leverage the buying power of a group. However, it is now being used effectively as part of an overall employee training strategy.

How it Works

Join forces with other manufacturers in the area who have similar training needs. Once those needs are identified, members can work with an education provider to develop a common curriculum and deliver the courses to their employees as a group.

Since each company may have just a few employees who need the training at any given time, this model of collaborative training combines the resources of several employers to bring otherwise cost-prohibitive training to their doorstep.

A Few Examples

Mahoning Valley Manufacturers Coalition (MVMC) supports local manufacturers to address common challenges facing the industry. MVMC is working to address critical workforce skill shortages, shape training and policy, and create career opportunities. In addition, MVMC partners with local schools to develop curriculum and strengthen community outreach for manufacturers.

Jonesboro Workforce Training Consortium is a program that has led successful employer driven training programs for the past 15 years. Their aim is to meet the training and educational needs of local manufacturers by partnering with universities for curriculum and training resources. The consortium is dedicated to providing the training to help the manufacturers and their employees be more competitive.

Licking County’s C-TEC EDGE Manufacturing Certification Program partners with local manufacturers to offer a seven week manufacturing certification course that provides entry-level training for participants. The EDGE program offers supporting manufacturers “access to a consistent, steady stream of pre-trained, pre-qualified, validated candidates for their workforce who are proactive in their careers, competent and ready to work.”

Ready to Get Started?

Are you interested in starting or joining a training coalition or consortium? Thinking about adopting new training practices for your workforce? Contact OH!Manufacturing today! We can connect you the resources needed to build a cost-effective training program, as well as enhance your overall workforce development strategy.

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