Innovation Management

Growth and survival in today’s global marketplace requires companies to continue to innovate and improve upon their existing products, processes and services. Yet many companies struggle to sustain innovation, treating it largely as an ad hoc exercise that results only in sporadic bursts of promising ideas.

That’s where Innovation Management can help. This proven approach transforms innovation from a random art into a reliable, scientific system for profitable growth. It accomplishes this by creating a culture of never-ending innovation within organizations that dramatically increases innovation speed and decreases risk.

Innovation Management works in companies of all sizes, and can help manufacturers develop a continuous pipeline of ideas for everything from sales strategies to process changes to product development.

PolymerOhio Manufacturing Solutions is the only provider in central Ohio with several certified Innovation Engineering Black Belt® professionals. Our Black Belts have extensive experience in helping small and midsize manufacturers adopt the principles of Innovation Management to infuse tangible, lasting and sustainable change in their innovation culture.

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