Supplier chain development

Many manufacturing companies are presented with supply chain challenges every day, ranging from identification of new suppliers and materials through transportation and distribution of products to customers. Companies of all sizes face challenges of reducing risk and volatility, to identifying and collaborating with suppliers, and understanding the total true cost of ownership.

Our supply chain optimization helps to focus on the critical areas of the supply chain at all levels to assess and implement a strategic solution. Manufacturers that commit to this journey can rely upon expert coaching and mentoring that will guide you through a transfer of knowledge that supports building a strategy from which tactics and subsequent implementation can occur. Manufacturers can expect to be better positioned to develop, source, manufacture and distribute superior products at lower costs, as well as in increased revenue, profit and shareholder value faster than competitors.

Our approach to supply chain optimization begins with the development, or refinement, of a supply chain strategy, a guiding compass for optimization activities, and provides a measure for the maturity of an organization’s supply chain. The initial program will assist companies with exploration through working sessions, designed to systematically understand the critical areas controlling the performance of the supply chain and foster collaboration among its supply chain members.

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