Technology acceleration & product development

Commercializing and implementing new technology, as part of the manufacturing process or embodied in a new product or service, can be a challenging task. Moving technology from the lab, bench-top, or prototyping area requires a vast array of resources that may be seldom used in a regular manufacturing operation.

PolymerOhio Manufacturing Solutions has the resources to help you both manage the development process and practice the use of new technology. To help companies improve overall product innovation and development, we use the techniques of Open Innovation and other tools. We help you select and implement sophisticated software tools that assist in product modeling, simulation and prototyping. We can play a coordination role in projects and programs requiring collaboration across multiple companies and organizations.

Innovation comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. Let PolymerOhio Manufacturing Solutions help you find just the right size to fit your operation.

The development of sustainable process and materials is of importance to many manufactures. Though our strategic partnerships we can assist with the development of renewable specialty chemicals, polymers, and advanced materials.

For more information or to request assistance, use this form to contact PolymerOhio electronically or call us at (614) 776-5720.

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