Case studies

PolymerOhio Manufacturing Solutions delivers tangible, measurable business results for clients. In the past six years alone, PolymerOhio has helped companies realize more than $560 million in benefits in the form of faster product time to market, reduced operating costs, improved productivity, and increased revenue and market share.

Here are some examples of specific projects we’ve completed for clients and the value those projects delivered.


Lean Six Sigma Improves BriskHeat Engineering Design Process

Technology and Capacity Roadmap Helps ATP Grow Their Business

VER-MAC Industries Fully Integrates and Executes a ISO 9001:2015 System


Allied Mineral Seeing Results from Continuous Improvement Methods

Hirschvogel and C-TEC Collaborate to Develop New Training Program

Wyandot Optimizes its Changeover Process


Davenport Aviation’s ISO 9001 and AS9120 Certification Journey

Wyandot Finds Continued Success With Operational Excellence Cultural Training

Wyandot Snacks Realizes Substantial Savings with Lean Six Sigma Project


Venture Plastics Significantly Lowers Resin Costs in One Month, Start to Finish

Replex Plastics Implements Energy Program, Reduces Gas & Electrical Consumption

PTS Improves Operator Training with Custom Development Program

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