Wyandot Snacks Realizes Substantial Savings with Lean Six Sigma Project

Wyandot logoWyandot Snack Company is the premier custom manufacturer of high quality grain based snack foods, cereals, and better-for-you offerings.   As a full service snack food manufacturer, Wyandot offers extensive technical support from ideation through development, commercialization, and then onto processing and packaging. From their humble beginnings in 1936 to today’s award winning facilities, Wyandot has been founded on quality.

As part of their continuous improvement program, Wyandot engaged PolymerOhio Manufacturing Solutions and its partner, Supplier Six Sigma LLC, on a Lean Six Sigma project for their Extruded Puff line. They utilized the Lean Six Sigma tools and methods to facilitate a team to reduce variation from the puff line by 40%, reduce quality holds by 47% and realize significant cost savings.

The PolymerOhio/Supplier Six Sigma team coached the Wyandot team through the various project team meetings and worked with resident experts to devise a solution that was implemented in a few months. The quality of the work environment on the line was improved significantly – the product is much more consistent and requires fewer adjustments than before.

“I would recommend PolymerOhio and Supplier Six Sigma, LLC to any business looking for a quick and effective solution to their business and manufacturing problems,” said James Augur, Plant Manager.

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