EdTech Revolutionizing Workforce Development

category-badge-WORKFORCEThe manufacturing world continues to develop at a rapid pace. While this innovation leads to more efficient processes and better quality, it also means yesterday’s knowledge is insufficient today. As a result, companies need new workforce development tools to keep pace.

Many turn to education technology (edTech) to quickly and effectively fill training gaps. EdTech is online learning – with a punch. Platforms integrate videos and readings with online lectures and interactive class forums, providing the full virtual learning experience.

Online learning not only offers full degrees in areas such as Machine Learning, Robotics, and Business Management, but also provides individual courses. Learners can select from subjects like Supply Chain Management, CNC, CAD, or Project Management to fill training gaps. Such skill-based learning allows employees to gain knowledge and put it to immediate use in the field.

Manufacturers utilize edTech for employee education and training because it is more accessible and cost effective than many alternatives. Through edTech, employees can:

  • Learn anywhere at any time: employees can study wherever and whenever there is an internet connection.
  • Personalize learning: platforms will track learning, and some adjust content to each learner’s needs.
  • Onboard faster: edTech can easily be integrated with current training processes, covering everything from technical machine usage to corporate policies and procedures.
  • Collaborate and innovate: by learning together, employees can share their insights with each other and with their virtual classmates.
  • Build tech savvy: edTech platforms are designed for ease of use, and can help “non-tech” employees build up the tech skills they need for the increasingly digitized manufacturing industry.

Ed Tech Platforms

Multiple education technology sites partner with universities, providing the same quality education, but at a more affordable price. Employees can participate in “MOOCs” (massive open online courses) and choose targeted tracks. The most well-known edTech sites are:

  • Coursera
    The most popular edTech site, Coursera offers Physical Science and Engineering courses encompassing robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT), among others. Scholarships are also available.
  • edX
    edX’s Professional Education section offers courses on everything from lab safety to silicon photonics design.
  • Udacity
    Udacity’s claim to fame is its “nano degree” programs, but the site also offers individual courses. First-time users have a free trail, allowing you to test out some of the elements before investing.
  • Bridge
    Bridge, the professional arm of edTech company Instructure, focuses on educational and entertaining employee training modules. Manufacturers can find more information on the site’s Manufacturing Industry page.
  • Lynda
    Lynda, an affiliate of LinkedIn, focuses on technology, creative, and business skills. Offering multiple classes on product design and prototyping the platform is an excellent tool for aspiring product developers.

OH!Manufacturing Gets You Connected

OH!Manufacturing can help your company get started with edTech; whether you’re selecting a provider or deciding which courses will benefit your employees. Plus, our unique partnerships with educational institutions here in Ohio can help your workforce improve their skills and productivity through blended online and in-class learning.

Contact us today at 614-776-5265 or fill out our contact form to get connected.

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