How we help

Metal worker teaching trainee on machine useDrawing on the capabilities of both in-house staff and a network of highly qualified partners, PolymerOhio Manufacturing Services helps small- and medium-size manufacturers in Central Ohio address growth and profitability challenges that includes:

  • Growing revenues
  • Reducing costs
  • Improving quality
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Improving speed (in all areas)
  • Maintaining margins
  • Dealing with higher costs (such as health care), taxes and regulations
  • Increasing the pace of innovation
  • Ensuring a properly trained workforce

We do this by working with manufacturers in two broad areas: enhancing product development and commercialization and improving manufacturing efficiency and effectiveness.

Enhancement of Product Development and Commercialization

Our work with clients on product development and commercialization initiatives can take several forms.

  • Market Research
    Clients often call us in to conduct extensive market research to identify promising markets for new or existing products, or to enhance product designs or formulations to make them more market relevant and attractive to prospective customers.
  • Modeling and Simulation
    Using modeling and simulation software, we are able to preview a proposed product’s performance and tooling design before a client commits to costly physical prototypes and trial runs.
  • Innovation Management
    We continue to help manufacturers improve their overall Research & Development process by applying such techniques as Innovation Management to minimize time, reduce risk, and improve a product’s ultimate performance in the marketplace.

Improvement of Manufacturing Efficiency and Effectiveness

PolymerOhio Manufacturing Services provides a number of services focused on improving manufacturing and supply chain operations to enable clients to more efficiently and effectively manufacture and distribute their products.

  • Increase Efficiency, Productivity, and Quality
    We help manufacturers increase efficiency, productivity, and quality by deploying new technologies or equipment to automate labor-intensive activities, implementing new processes and practices (including Lean, Six Sigma and Innovation Management), and rolling out targeted workforce training programs.
  • Reduce Costs
    We show how clients can reduce manufacturing and supply chain costs and improve customer service by implementing modeling and simulation software into their operations.
  • Boost SustainabilityWe work with manufacturers to boost the sustainability of their operations by identifying ways to develop more environmentally friendly products and manufacturing processes, and use resources such as water, energy and raw materials more efficiently.

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