Lima Plant Nearly Doubling its Workforce

Good news for those seeking work in the manufacturing industry! Joint Systems Manufacturing Center in Lima, Ohio, held the first of several recruiting sessions yesterday and, when combined with the additional planned sessions, aims to add a total of 400 new employees to its workforce. That’s a figure that nearly doubles its current 580 employees. The plant is seeking workers in a variety of fields such as welding, assembly, CNC workers, and plant, tool, quality and process engineers. In addition, its seeking to hire many levels of management. All recruiting will be held at the Ohio Means Jobs Allen County office. To find out more about this hiring effort, read the article on

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Jill Jones

Marketing Communications Manager at PolymerOhio Inc.

Jill is a formally trained graphic and web designer and writer who has been employed as such for more than 18 years. Her experience includes long-term employment with a Columbus-based technology consulting firm that worked closely for years with the State and Federal government, and the Human Resources & Engagement Department of Honda North America. She manages both of PolymerOhio's websites, their social media, blog writing and editing of guest posts, and marketing materials.
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