Manufacturing News Roundup – March 2015

What’s In This Month’s Roundup?

ohman_blog_imgDid you know that finding good workers is about more than technical skills?  Is your supply chain ready to respond if disruptions occur?  Curious about where Ohio ranks for manufacturing jobs?  This month’s roundup highlights these topics and more.

Workforce Development

Finding good workers isn’t always about technical skills is an interesting look at the discussion about the skilled worker shortage that took place at the Plastics News Executive Forum.  Find out why companies like Stihl and Evco Plastics are seeking character and attitude before technical skills.

Operational Excellence
Achieving a Lean Transformation explains why a lean transformation involves more than eliminating waste.  The article includes practical examples and explanations of lean techniques, as well as why it all begins with your customer.

Supply Chain
Supply Chain Risk Mitigation During the West Coast Port Crisis looks at the recent disruption at west coast ports and what you should do to make sure your company can respond appropriately to minimize or avoid any negative impact.

The Relationship Between Workplace Safety And Product Safety tackles the tricky legal issues facing manufacturers who use the product in a workplace environment.  Find out how OSHA requirements factor in and why they should not be ignored.

Manufacturing Innovation: Gaining the Advantage In a Fiercely Competitive Global Economy discusses how the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI) is bringing together industry, university and government partners to ensure innovative ideas and new technologies result in American made products.

Central Ohio News
Top 10 States for Manufacturing Jobs highlights statistics from the recently released 2012 Economic Census.  Find out where Ohio ranks!


An informative look at reducing costs by eliminating hidden waste in inventory.
Thought Leaders: How Much Money Is Tied Up In Your Inventory?

Upcoming Industry Events

We hope you find the collection of recent news in the monthly Manufacturing News Roundup interesting.  Our goal is to bring you information that keep you up-to-date and sparks new ideas you can use in your company.  Remember to check back each month to stay on top of what’s happening in the manufacturing world both locally and globally.

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