slides-services-1With deep manufacturing industry and functional knowledge, the in-house experts at PolymerOhio Manufacturing Solutions and our external partners can help manufacturers address a variety of challenges to improve operational and financial performance. Clients can hire consultants on an as-needed basis to help solve specific problems, or to provide expertise in an ongoing capacity.

Get a no cost business assessment

We often find the first step in helping manufacturers improve their operations is in an assessment of their operations. The goal is to identify areas for improvement, the value of that improvement to the overall business, and specific steps a client should take to address the shortcomings uncovered. PolymerOhio is partnered with CoreValue® Software to help you understand not just the current worth of your business, but what it could be worth if it operated like its strongest peers. You’ll be given a roadmap of prioritized initiatives to overcome the obstacles limiting your ability to dependably generate revenue and profit well into the future. Learn more about this free assessment.

PolymerOhio’s five broad areas of expertise

  • Business Development and Growth: No matter your business, profitability is a critical measure of corporate health. And growth—more accurately, profitable growth—is vital for long-term success. Achieving profitable growth is often easier said than done.
  • Technology Acceleration and Product Development: We help our clients identify the resources needed to develop and implement new products and processes from new technology. We provide low-cost access to software tools that assist in product modeling, simulation and prototyping, and facilitate connections to other technical resources available in Central Ohio (including universities and Edison Centers) to help manufacturers implement new technologies.
  • Operational Excellence & Continuous Improvement: We provide services such as Lean and Six Sigma to improve the efficiency of manufacturing operations, as well as product and process improvement.
  • Workforce Development: Through our links to universities, community and technical colleges, and government agencies, as well as our own events, workshops and training programs, we help manufacturers improve the skills and productivity of their workforce.
  • Supply Chain Development: We provide networking assistance to broaden or change a manufacturer’s existing supply chain and develop new supply chains for start-up organizations.
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