Workforce development

One of the greatest challenges facing manufacturers today is securing an appropriately trained workforce, both for today and in the future. Future success in manufacturing will be dependent upon continuous improvement in workforce development programs.

Manufacturers are being forced to re-think recruitment methods, training programs, and employee retention strategies. Through our partnerships with educational institutions, state and federal agencies, non-profits, and service providers, PolymerOhio Manufacturing Solutions can help manufacturers improve the skills and productivity of their workforce.

Through our partnership with an online training provider, we can offer you on-demand workforce training that is a perfect fit for your scheduling needs. We can also help you assess your unique needs and help you develop a customized training program.

Through a partnership with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, the Military Veterans Resource Center, and VMC Consulting, we have developed the TAPP program to place appropriately skilled former low-level offenders as well as military veterans into manufacturing positions.

We encourage participation in Manufacturing Day activities can assist manufacturers with organizing open houses, facility tours, multi-media presentations, and press events. We are able to connect manufacturers with educators who are promoting manufacturing to their students to open both eyes and doors for the next generation of workers. PolymerOhio Manufacturing Solutions supports the celebration of modern manufacturing for students, parents, teachers and the public.

Dreamitdoit2We support the Manufacturing Institute’s Dream It Do It Program by offering a unique set of resources to address the current skills gap in manufacturing. Ohio Dream It Do It introduces the world of today’s advanced manufacturing to educators, students, and parents and provides resources to engage them and connect them with local manufacturers. The information is useful to inspiring and building a talent pipeline of young people who understand the manufacturing industry and what education and skills are needed to prepare for a career in manufacturing.


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