Team NEO Releases Roadmap to Industrial Internet of Things

With a goal to assist manufacturers in improving their production, Team NEO worked with a number of companies, business groups and educational institutions over a period of six months to compile their recently released roadmap to IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) implementation. IIOT is the connection of industrial equipment to communication technology to create systems that monitor, collect and analyze information with more efficiency to help manufacturers identify potential problems and either avoid them or create solutions for them.

The Roadmap includes a confidential readiness assessment for companies who want to know where they stand with IIOT. For companies that are looking for direction, Team NEO believes the assessment tool is the perfect place to start.

Read the Team NEO IIOT Roadmap Executive Summary below and learn more by reading a full article about the Roadmap on

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Jill Jones

Marketing Communications Manager at PolymerOhio Inc.

Jill is a formally trained graphic and web designer and writer who has been employed as such for more than 18 years. Her experience includes long-term employment with a Columbus-based technology consulting firm that worked closely for years with the State and Federal government, and the Human Resources & Engagement Department of Honda North America. She manages both of PolymerOhio's websites, their social media, blog writing and editing of guest posts, and marketing materials.
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