The Skills Gap Now Has Competition in Frustrating Hiring Manufacturers

It turns out that the much discussed skills gap issue isn’t the only problem today’s manufacturers face when it comes to filling positions within their companies. Manufacturers like Columbiana Boiler in Youngstown are also facing the fact that there are now too many applicants who are unable to pass the mandatory drug screening given to all potential new hires. The same is happening at Warren Fabricating & Machining in Hubbard, Ohio. In fact, it’s becoming an issue for manufacturers all across the Midwest.

For Warren Fabricating & Machining, it’s not just the toll America’s drug epidemic is taking on finding drug-free candidates, it’s also taking a toll on their finances. They have always taken pride in the fact that their company’s health insurance covers drug treatment for insured individuals, which includes neonatal intensive care for babies born with addiction. Now that more of their incumbent employees’ covered family members are finding the need for treatment, it is costing the company a good chunk of change.

To learn more about this critical issue as it relates to Ohio manufacturers, read the full, in-depth article published by The New York Times on July 24, 2017.

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Jill Jones

Jill Jones

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Jill Jones
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