Trend Analysis and Pro Forma Scenarios

category-badge-FINANCE“What if?”

It’s the two-word phrase that has kept every business president, CEO and COO awake at night.

No one can gaze into a crystal ball and predict the future with absolute accuracy, but by analyzing business and industry trends, your CFO can help you construct a view of the future that is accurate enough to plan by.

In a business trends analysis, your CFO will help you analyze:

  • Competition in the marketplace. Who is moving into your space, what competitive advantages do they have and how could that affect your company?
  • Changes in consumer demand. What products are hot? What products are cooling off? What is selling industrywide? How can you utilize your financial resources to capitalize on new consumer hot spots?
  • Where to invest in capital improvements. Is your equipment outdated? Do you need new or remodeled facilities? How do you stack up against the competition, and how could that help or hurt you in the battle for business?
  • External economic factors. What is happening in Washington, D.C., or in state and local government that could affect your business moving forward?
  • Pro forma scenario planning. If trends stay the same, what can you expect in terms of a business landscape?

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How FocusCFO can help manufacturers:

FocusCFO logoIn manufacturing organizations, understanding all the components of a product’s bill of materials, such as labor, material cost and fixed and variable overhead, is vital to the profitability of the manufacturer. Investments in inventory and fixed assets are sizeable; therefore, returns on investment need to be sufficient to support the appropriate capital structure and bank financing. These are just a few areas where companies can benefit from outsourced CFO consulting services.

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