We Help You Work “On” Rather Than “In” Your Business

category-badge-OPEXA sustainable Continuous Improvement culture is achievable.
Solve problems and stop fighting fires!

Businesses face increasing pressures every day. The need to increase sales, reduce costs, and improve yields and quality while reducing waste and improving profitability is a challenge that requires skilled resources and expertise. Unfortunately, it is harder than ever to find the time and people to make any of it happen.


Does the following sound familiar?



You may be frustrated by the inability to get things accomplished in a way that provides a sustainable result. Simply maintaining normal day-to-day operations is time consuming enough without figuring in the time it takes to correct any present or future problems. As a result, you end up putting “good enough for now” fixes into place, which may temporarily solve your problems, but won’t do anything to move your organization forward. We like to call this “fire-fighting”.

Problems are opportunities to make things better and build a Continuous Improvement culture, but either you need 36 hours in a day—which we know isn’t going to happen—or you need help. PolymerOhio Manufacturing Solutions can assist you by filling that gap as a valuable resource to engage when you are ready to work on your business rather than in it. We are here to help you solve your problems and get things done.

Let’s Examine Your Challenges and Needs

Do your challenges include any of these issues?

  • Yields/Waste/Quality rejects
  • Productivity
  • Customer satisfaction (deliveries, quality, specifications)
  • Understanding your process’s capabilities and variations
  • Problem Solving and Building on Continuous Improvement
  • Inefficient Processes and Procedures
  • Process Mapping & Standard Work definitions
  • Support for existing ISO or other Quality Management Systems
  • Business issues, such as:
    • Strategy to strengthen your financial backbone
    • Developing a roadmap for growth
    • Identifying new markets


Are you seeking a culture with employees who understand these methods?



Do you want to be able to see performance at a glance?

  • Know metrics and KPIs that are critical to your operation
  • Utilize a Dashboard reporting system to help set priorities
  • Report time based performance, process variation, Paretos, etc.
  • Visualize quality, productivity, waste and efficiencies at a glance

External Operational Excellence (OpEx) Experts Will Improve Results

If you’re wondering how the enlistment of external OpEx experts can really improve your Continuous Improvement success, there are several items to consider. First and foremost, experts will coach, mentor, train, and lead your project teams. They will identify the causes of your problems, design solutions to address them, and will keep the projects that implement those solutions on track until completion. Using a DMAIC process, experts will produce a Project Charter with a tight scope and clearly defined expectations, then set benchmarks for time-based way-points and ensure that everyone is accountable for delivering tasks and staying on schedule. It’s also important to mention that outside experts aren’t influenced by daily pressures and “fire-fighting”.

The OpEx experts at PolymerOhio are Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts who possess industry experience that spans many decades. They will help you find and implement permanent solutions with measurable and sustainable results that meet your exact needs, timelines and employee schedules. What sets us apart is our training and delivery philosophy, which puts great importance on mentoring and coaching your project team. We also maintain a promise that we will work with a client until a specific end-point is reached.

Stop fighting fires! Execute problem solving projects so that you have time to work on and grow your business instead of simply working in your business. Contact us today to learn how we can help you in your Continuous Improvement efforts.

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Greg McMahon

Program Manager at PolymerOhio Inc.

Greg brings over 30 years of manufacturing experience to PolymerOhio. He is a mechanical engineer and has run his own manufacturing business as well as helped other companies in their quest to become more effective at what they do. In his earlier career, he worked for E.I. DuPont where he gained his love for the chemical and polymer industry, machine design, automation and electrical controls. Greg understands both the up-stream and down-stream pressures that businesses face today and uses those skills to help clients solve their manufacturing and operational problems.
Greg McMahon
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